Our Polo Boot Camp is an intensive five-step personal training program, tailored to suit your fitness level, riding experience, ambitions and availability.

A boot camp program ideally runs over five consecutive days (e.g. from Tuesday to Saturday) and consists of one 1.5 – 2 hour session per day. 

Sessions are a mix of individual lessons and group practice and will take you through all key aspects of polo: Swing, riding, tactics, rules, safety and equipment. To graduate your boot camp, you will play your first real polo match.

Boot Camp program (example):

  • Tuesday: Maneuvering the polohorse and basic swing technique
  • Wednesday: Cantering and hitting the ball at speed
  • Thursday: Introduction to rules and match tactics / gameplays
  • Friday: Defensive tactics incl. ride-off and hooking
  • Saturday: Graduation chukkas – playing your first real polo match

A Boot Camp costs from DKK 5,000 which includes horse and equipment rental.

Based on your experience and achievements during the boot camp we will discuss potential next steps in your polo journey.

Please contact us for more information or booking.